Oracle EBS : Costing : Average Costing of Item

Average Costing of item stopes....

Error Code is like:
No Error

Step 1:
--get details how much lines having costed flag null

Select b.TRANSACTION_TYPE_NAME,a.costed_flag,a.error_code,
from Mtl_material_transactions a,MTL_TRANSACTION_TYPES b
where ERROR_CODE is not null

Step 2:
--finding error transaaction line

Select * from Mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag = 'E'

Step 3:
--checking how much line not costed 

select count(*)
from mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag = 'N';  --get count as 2013910

Step 4:
--updating error flag

update mtl_material_transactions
set costed_flag = 'N',
error_code = NULL,
error_explanation = NULL,
transaction_group_id = NULL,
transaction_set_id = NULL
--where costed_flag = 'E'
where transaction_id=49186079

Step 5:
runing cost manager

Step 6:
--check cost line count dcreaing

select count(*)
from mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag = 'N';

If line count decreasing stops then just once again follow the
 steps 1 to step 6.Still problem is not resolve then check
 account_period_id and acc_distribution_id column 

from table Mtl_material_transactions
if these columns are blank then update with respective values.

Account period id should be find as:

select * from ORG_ACCT_PERIODS

after updation again follow step 1 to Step 6.

As count reach to zero means your costing process is completed.
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