22 thoughts on “Oracle General Ledger – Functional Interview Questions

  1. I am into oracle finance still going on training would you please suggest me which is the source to learn real time projects and scenarios.


  2. Hi,

    This is shiva i Recently completed my graduation 2011 and also completed my Oracle Apps R12 Training in one of the inst in Hyd.

    Plz Kindly Suggest me Want kind of the Job i have to go.


  3. hi, I completed mba in the year 2009. i am doing oracle applications funtional… please suggest me how i have to prepare the functional… daily how many hours i have to practice…. I m waiting for your reply.




    • 1. Security Rules applied on a single segment at a time, CVR apply on combinations
      2. Security is about which values will be accessible and CVR about which combinations are valid
      3. Security apply on Responsibility where CVR als globally.


  4. hai i am loocking for it job,i campleted the oracle functional apps 11i modual, please saggestion way of interviews and how to face.


  5. hi, recently i have completed M.B.A finance,

    i am attending the oracle finance classes..
    please suggest me how to prepare & suggest any books for preparation

    thanks in advance


  6. Hi, this article is useful. However, if you can include interview questions from a project’s perspective, that would be more beneficial.



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