E-Business Suite 12.1.2 Release Content Documents Now Available (Oracle E-Business Suite Technology)

At OpenWorld a few weeks ago, I got the strong impression that the majority of you have heard that Premier Support for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i will end in November 2010. If the standing-room only R12 upgrade sessions were any indication, it seems that many of you are now planning your Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 upgrades or migrations.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 was released in early May 2009. Our next upcoming release will be EBS 12.1.2. The Release Content Documents (RCD) for Apps 12.1.2 have now been published — in advance of the actual General Availability of R12.1.2 — here:

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Forms Personalization – Get It While It’s Hot! (Oracle E-Business Suite Technology)

Well, it will be – and we're all excited by the move to the Fusion Applications platform, and its early form, Oracle Applications Framework.

But we still live in a world with Oracle Forms, and we will continue to do so for Release 12. Importantly, you can stay on these releases as long as they provide you business value, so you can move to Fusion Applications on your timeframe, not ours. (Close your eyes and say 'Applications Unlimited' . Feels good, doesn't it?)

So it's important for us to let you change your business practices at the lowest cost of ownership on the Forms stack, and Forms Personalization lets you do that. It's a feature that's been out just under 2 years, but this is a great venue to highlight it to make sure you're taking maximum advantage of it.

What now?

Forms Personalization takes the Custom Library (CUSTOM.PLL) concepts and makes them much easier to implement. Like much easier. Like going from your VCR to a Tivo easier. CUSTOM.PLL coding is all hand-tooled PL/SQL which is controlled in a single source file, by default. It allows implementers to trap various Forms triggers and take actions based on them.

All Forms Personalizations, on the other hand, are stored as metadata, and so they are all seamlessly upgraded without needing to be re-applied or addressed – just like Flexfields or Folder definitions! Forms Personalization provides tools to perform the same configurations, in the form of a Form. (Say that fast, huh?)

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