Oracle HRMS- Employee Directory Video Demo

Dear Friends,

 Here is a sample video from our Oracle HRMS Training program. 

The Oracle Apps HRMS Training DVD is a set of 3 DVDs with hours of Oracle Training videos. The Training DVD covers modules HR (core), Payroll, Benefits, introduction to OAB, OLM, OTL, iRec etc. Its a technofunctional training on Oracle Apps HCM modules. Each chapter starts with a functional background, process requirements and data flow, business understanding of the concepts, and then deals with Oracle setups, technical details, table structure etc.

If you think this video makes sense and it helped you learn something, you can give yourself a chance to learn the whole Oracle HRMS suite of applications in just few days. If you are interested, you can buy the training DVD online at

Please let us know you views about this program and if you have any questions, send them to , or here: or comment on this post here. Thank you.

Also, We are planning to start a 7 days training program soon with the following topics: Core HRMS Implementation, Module Study: Payroll, SSHR, Benefits & OAB; Introduction of iRecruitment, CWB, OLM and OTL. If you are interested in this 7 days training, the fee for US based students will be 50$ per hour for individual courses, or 999$ for the full 7d*3hr program.

Important Lessons Learnt From Rocket Singh

  1. Take RISKS in LIFE!!!
    • “ Even SPIEDER MAN needs to take the risk, we are just HUMAN BEING.”
    • “ To be ENTREPRENEUR, one DON’T need to invent anything new, just do things differently.”
  2. Focus on 3S’s
    • “ Sales, Services and Supports are three pillars of a SUCCESSFUL Business.”

    Sales Services Supports

  3. Partners Vs. Employees
    • “ Treat Everyone with respect and have more partners in a company than more number of employees.”
    • “ New partner/employee should bring NEW STRENGTH in the company.”

    New begets New

    • “ It is always better to spent ENERGY in involving more people in your cause than fighting with others.”

    Involve Others!!

  4. Learn from Clients…
    • “ Don’t SELL to client what you have, ARRANGE everything what client needs.”
    • “ Never LOSE hope. Continue to struggle, there will be lots of SMALL Gains & BIG Losses on the path, but DON’T miss the target..”

    Never Ever Give UP!!!

  5. Winning is EVERYTHING..
    • “ Winning is not something but it is EVERYTHING. The History only remembers the WINNER not the RUNNER UP.”

When you get promotion, you would get subordinates in your team to generate Business lead. At that point of time bcoz of previous experience you would lead them in more better manner and nobody would cheat you.

The movie states, “Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, main toh phir bhi Salesman hoon” (Even Spiderman has to take risk, I am just a Salesman)

Aal Izzz Well – Aree bhaiyaa all izz well

Jab life ho out of control
Honthon ko kar ke gol
Honthon ki kar ke gol
Seeti bajaa ke bol

Jab life ho out of control
Honthon ko kar ke gol
Honthon ki kar ke gol
Seeti bajaa ke bol

Aal Izzz Well

Murgi kya jaane aande ka kya hoga
Aree life milegi ya tawee pe
fry hoga
Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga

Honth ghuma
Seeti bajaa
Seeti bajaa ke bol
Bhaiyaa aal izz well

Aree bhaiyaa all izz well
Aree chachu aal izz well
Aree bhaiyaa all izz well

Leadership – In Simple way

  1. Leader is an Innovator
  2. Leader is a Coach
  3. Leader is a Politician
  4. Leader is a Salesperson
  5. Leader is a Communicator
  6. Your difficult boss, customer, prospect, voter, student… probably not stupid, probably just uninformed. There’s a huge difference. [Seth Godin]
  7. Leader is a Problem Solver
  8. Leader manages Time
  9. Leader manages Quality
  10. Leader manages Chemistry
  11. Leader manages Goal
  12. Leader manages Numbers
  13. Leader speaks in Performance
  14. Leader Makes Decision
  15. Leader takes Risks

3 Leadership Lessons From Obama

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin
  2. Develop your communication skills
  3. Spend quality time crafting your speeches
  5. Deliver with passion
  6. Connect with your audience
  7. Stick to the message
  8. You learn more by listening……
  9. It’s all about connecting
  10. Stable strategy + Flexible tactics = Victory
  11. Yesterday’s competitor is today’s collaborator
  12. A leader is a dealer in hope Napoleon.
  13. Be your own story teller
  14. Leadership is influence
  15. Leadership is all about empowering others
  16. The ability to stay calm under pressure is a great quality
  17. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Chak De – Get Spark , Ignite Fire and Go

हुंकारा आज  भर   ले  , दस   बारह   बार    कर ले   ,रहना  ना यार पीछे , कितना भी कोई खीचे ,

Hunkara aaj bhar le, das barah baar kar le ,Rehna na yaar peeche, kitna bhi koi kheenche ,

Do something, with every part of you (every pore in your body), do something
Kuch kariye kuch kariye bas bas bada bole, ab kuch kariye

Do something, enough of all that big talk, now do something
Take a stand, either swim or die
Chak de chake de India (4)
C’mon India!

(Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
this is the time, just do or die)

In streets and lanes, in Ration lines
In bullocks and seeds, in Eid and festivals
In every grain of sand, and film songs
In street ditches, in gatherings

Fill everything with a roar/ferver, not once but 10 times
Don’t lag behind, even if you’re pulled back
Don’t budge an inch, if you’re called stubborn so be it
Keep grinding on that grindstone
Just do it!

Nowhere To Run Nowhere To Hide
This Is The Time Just Do Or Die – (2)
Chak De (5)

In tangled kites, in the joy of crowds
In playgrounds, in winding trains
In the sweetness of sugarcanes, in rich loam, in crops
If you look hard enough you’ll find the heat needed to harden bricks (to toughen/strengthen you)
Let your body glow and liquefy completely
Fill your heart with celebration so that every part of you rejoices
Don’t budge an inch, if you’re called stubborn so be it
Keep grinding on that grindstone
Just do it!