Oracle Apps – How to make a Form as READ ONLY

Follow the following steps inorder to make a form as Query only/Read Only.

1. Login into the System Administrator/Application Developer responsibility.
2. Navigate to ‘Security -> Responsibility -> Define’
3. Query for the responsibility for which you want to make the form as ‘Query Only’ and copy the ‘Menu’ name.
4. Navigate to ‘Application -> Menu’ and query with the menu name which we got in step 3 in ‘User Menu Name’
5. Now look out for the form (Prompt) you want to make it as query only. Copy the value in the ‘Function’ field w.r.t the form that needs to be made as ‘Query Only’.
6. Navigate to ‘Application -> Funtion’ and query with the function name we got in Step 5 in ‘User Function Name’ field.
7. Identify the correct Function for your form and then naviagate to the ‘Form’ tab.
8. Enter the value: QUERY_ONLY=YES in the parameters section in the Form tab, if you already have another value existing in the parameter form then you need to seperate them with a space..


11 responses to “Oracle Apps – How to make a Form as READ ONLY

  1. Hi Shivmohan,

    Can you suggest how to disable the Bill to Check box which is coming in Add Customer function at Sales Order Form.


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  5. Gustavo Canalis

    Hi Shivmohan. This is a very helpful article! Thanks.

  6. Thanks .. Very helpful information.

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