IPL Controversy

This topic is so much in media and around , i also like to put my thoughts.

I think every person who has little knowledge about politics and cricket , knows it is not Lalit or Shahsi who are culprit, they are some people getting benefit in between, there are people above them and playing a much bigger game. Their greeds are so big and they are so powerful , in front of their influence, power and greed, all these other people are just playing 2% commission kind of role.

No one in media or political arena has dare to confront them or event taking their names because every one around also enjoying some cents thrown here and there. A big game played by some one and his greeed is so big and even bigger than cricket , above all ethics.

Closing thought – We may be these and such many scam, controversy and only people/ name will change. Let keep spirit up and look for yourself and your ethics.

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