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Setting your Oracle Applications session: fnd_global.apps_initialize (org_id) The examples set up the session for SYSADMIN user, System Administrator responsibility. e.g. SQL*Plus   exec fnd_global.apps_initialize(0,20420,1); e.g. for PL/SQL, TOAD, SQLDeveloper, SQL Navigator etc.: begin fnd_global.apps_initialize(0,20420,1); end; The parameters used here are: 1.        … Continue reading

Extra Tips – Management Lesson – Race – Green team vs Red team

One more management lesson, I know it is not a usual happening , i am sure you could relate this with any of your work or firm doing similar things sometime….

Slideshare PPT –

Courtesy to —http://yes-inspirations.blogspot.com/2009/05/team-race-management-lesson_10.html