Display the number value in Words

Display the number value in Words:-


The following query can be used to display the number in the words.

select ‘&a’, (to_char(to_date(‘&a’,’j’), ‘jsp’)) from dual;


select 211, (to_char(to_date(211,’j’), ‘jsp’)) from dual;

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AP Invoices Associated with the Given Purchase Order Number

PO: Invoices Associated with the Given Purchase Order Number:-


SELECT aip.invoice_id invoice_id,

b.po_number po_number

FROM ap_invoices_all aip,

(SELECT invoice_id,po_number FROM ( SELECT ai.invoice_id,

AP_INVOICES_PKG.GET_PO_NUMBER( ai.invoice_id) po_number


WHERE a.po_number <>&apos;UNMATCHED&apos;) b

where b.invoice_id=aip.invoice_id

and b.po_number= ‘Purchase Order Number’;

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ERP and SCM Knowledge through books

Books are the best way to acquire knowledge about a suject that interests you. Even if you are new entrant to a field and you start with reading a good book, the learning curve will be much steeper for you. I was asked by a friend of mine whose organization has started taking baby steps towards implementing an enterprise wide supply chain solution and they want to acquire little knowledge prior to start engaging consultants in this regard. I suggested them to grab two of my favorite books on supply chain management and enterprise resource planning which are:
  •  Essentials of Supply Chain Management, 2nd Edition:- This is written by Michael H. Hugos and contains valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices in the are of SCM. This handy and concise paperback helps to stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in supply chain management. A quite useful possession indeed. This can be bought at most economical price here
  • Modern ERP: Select, Implement & Use Today’s Advanced Business Systems:- This book is written by Marianne Bradford and what is unique about this book is that it contains contributions from organizations like NetSuite, Microsoft, SAS, GlaxoSmithKline and Deloitte Consulting. This makes this book a much practical document to read and implement in rela life. Incidentally, this is one of the best selling books on ERP these days on Amazon
Just to make things easier for the readers, let me share an online store where both the books are available online so go ahead and have a look if they suit your objectives and interests.

Oracle Apps Basics – Session Context (via Oracle Apps Tech Blog)

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Download This Article From The Download Folder This is one of several “Oracle Applications Basics” articles that are aimed at oracle applications program developers and cover a number of commonly used development elements when interacting with the E-Business Suite. This article covers how to establish an Oracle Applications Context within your SQL session ( i.e. Toad/SQL Developer) when developing outside of the application or when a requirement … Read More

via Oracle Apps Tech Blog