Oracle ASCP – Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning – Overview

Attending Advanced Supply Chain Planning module’ training so putting few topics and as i will do more hands on , will put more.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning enables you to run holistic plans that span long term aggregate planning to short term detailed schedules, multiple manufacturing processes (lot based, process, discrete, configure-to-order, and project based), and all organizations across a virtual supply chain. As a single solution for distribution, supply chain, and manufacturing planning, it is based on one supply chain model, one planning engine, and one setup.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning considers key requirements for a broad range of industries.

For example, for Process the tool supports complex network routings, contiguous operations, resource charges, process effectivity, minimum transfer quantities, fixed and integer ingredient scaling, alternate ingredients, resources, processes, suppliers, facilities, and ship methods, alternate recipes and formulas, co-products and by-products, end item substitution, sequence dependent setups/changeovers, and batch production support (OPM

For High Technology, including Semiconductor, the planning tool supports alternate components, resources, processes, suppliers, facilities , and ship methods, end item substitution, sequence dependent setups/changeovers, critical items/resources and aggregate resources, lot-based jobs support (OSFM Integration), operation yield, simultaneous product family and item level planning, complex network routings, co-products and by-products, binning, multi-level configure-toorder models, and planned inventory points.

For project-based and Aerospace and Defense companies, the tool supports key capabilities such as project group netting, hard and soft pegging, borrow-payback, project demand and supply views, contract pegging, cross-project allocations, project excess netting, and project specific exception messages.

will publish more useful and ready to learn articles soon… keep learning and keep sharing

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