Oracle R12 – How to know Report available in which responsibilities and What reports are in a responsibility

It is very common to search for a report and not finding in expected responsibility. How to know where it is ?

Through System Administrator : Run this report

— Report Group Responsibilities Report  : This report lists those responsibilities which have access to a report or a request set.

As Vice Versa : some time we like to know what are all reports available in a given responsibility , how to ?

Through System Administrator : Run this report

— Reports and Sets by Responsibility :  This report identifies which reports (and other concurrent programs) and report sets are available to any given responsibility.

Thanks – Shiv



Oracle R12 – How To Turn Off Low-Level Diagnostic Logging

Many a time you see this message

“Low-level Diagnostic Logging is turned on. This may temporarily reduce performance”

How can this be disabled / turned off?

Disable diagnostic logging with the following steps:
1. Login as a user with System Administrator responsibility and then navigate to:  Profile > System.
Set the following profile option at the User level:

FND: Debug Log Enabled = No

2. Logout of the application. You may also want to clear the browser’s cache.

3. Login again and confirm that the message no longer appears.

Thanks – Shiv