Oracle R12 – How make your concurrent Program run faster : Priority

When we work in big project or big team and we realize because so many program running, our testing get behind many time due to server load etc … so How to make your program run before others ??

In oracle EBS you can set the priority of specific users so that when they run specific reports, those reports should be run on high priority. The steps are very simple:

  1. Go to Sysadmin Responsibility and go to menu Profile > System.
  2. Make sure Site and User boxes are checked.
  3. Select the user name for the user for whom you want to increase the priority
  4. Enter the following within the Profile box and click on Find: Concurrent:Request Priority
  5. Change the priority for the user as you see fit (1 is highest, 99 is lowest, 50 is the default) , Save and exit.