oracle real time scenario in oracle hrms

The requirement from client to change the old leave accrual plan to a new plan.
For grades G1 and G2, leave per year is 24 days and they are increasing it to 28 days. we can simply change it in the formula and the plans and elements are all saved like “Accrual Plan 24”. This has to be changed to “Accrual Plan 28”. so we created a new accrual plan its working correctly

The issue what we are facing is when we end date the accrual plan 24 and attaching the accrual plan 28, the leave balance is resetting to 0. we need to add the older leave balance with the new one.
how it can be done?


With the current PTO
functionality, there is no mechanism to transfer accruals from one plan to
another. So if an employee leaves Plan A in the middle of the year and joins
Plan B, they lose all the year’s accruals for plan A. To correct
the accrual balance of Plan B, an adjustment element must be
created and added to the NCR (Net Calculation Rules) on the Accrual Plan. Manual process:

• Create your new plan and elements for that plan (Navigation: Total
Compensation > Basic >Accrual Plans)

• End date the original plan and attach the new plan using the Element
Entries window

• If there is a balance to be transferred, then the New plan should have an
element to adjust accruals:

a) Create an element: for instance, “Adjust Vacation”. Define
link information.

b) Attach element to the new plan using Net Calculation rules
window (net effect = ‘Add’)

Navigation: Total Compensation > Basic > .Accrual
Plans > Net Calculation Rules

• Get the net entitlement amount as of end date of original plan (use View
Accruals window – Navigation: Fastpath > Accruals)

• Adjust the balance by attaching the other net contribution element (element
created on previous step)

Element Entries window – Navigation: People > Enter and
Maintain > Assignment > Element Entries)


oracle hrms interview questions and answers from maahmed oracle hrms consultant

What are the minimum classifications to create a Business Group?

  • Business Group
  • GRE/legal Entity
  • HR Organization

What are the pre-requisites for creating a Business group?

  • Value sets
  • Key flex fields
  • Location

What is the use of HR organization?

If we want to assign the employee information to a Business Group then we need to have HR organization classification under a business group

What is people group?

  • It is a flexible area for holding user defined assignment data
  • Data can be used for grouping sets of assignment together
  • People group can be used for element eligibility
  • This information is used by the payroll run
  • The data will be held in PAY_PEOPLE_GROUPS.
  • Group_name field holds the concatenation of segment data.

What is kff structure for SIT?

Personnel analysis flexfields

What is the DFF structure for EIT?

  • Extra person information
  • Assignment extra information
  • Extra location information
  • Extra position information
  • Extra job informantion
  • Organization developer DF

How to enable EIT?

Switch responsibility to human resources, vision enterprises

Double click on security

Click on information types

Create your own information types under your responsibility name

How to enable SIT?

Switch responsibility to human resources vision enterprises

Double click other definitions

Click on special information types

What is the Data Track?

  • It is used to maintain record history by creating a new record when the date track mode is UPDATE and override on the existing record when the Data track mode is CORRECTION.
  • The value of the Data track record depends on the date
  • Tables ending with _F are date track tables
  • To control data tracked rows, every Date Track table must include Effective start date and Effective end date.
  • The effective start date indicates when the record inserted
  • The effective end date indicates when the record updated or deleted.