Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion – Wahtsapp Group

Recently Lot of people asking to use whatsapp to share and having people from Oracle EBS and Fusion to interact and share information and knowledge together in quick and fast way.

Here i am initiating to start WhatsApp group ,  I will prefer to verify first and then in add, here are details,

How to Join :  Send me email at with your linkedin Profile and small intro with your number

Criteria :

  1. You must be working professional , in Oracle EBS or Oracle Fusion area.
  2. Having linkedin profile , so i can verify your experience and work areas.

What this group will be for :

  1. Quick Question answers,
  2. Sharing tips or trick , working day to day things
  3. Links or articles sharing.
  4. Communication language : English

What this group will NOT Be for :

  1. This group is not suitable for Fresher
  2. This group is not Job Board
  3. Not for chit chat or getting / sharing forwards / jokes