Types of roles in Fusion

Types of roles in fusion :





Job roles are assigned indirectly. We Inclued the job role in the data role and then assign the data role to the user. They control the functions the user performs on the UI

Data role allows a user to access a set of workers /organizations for a given task. Security profiles are used to create data roles.

A duty role represent the individual duties that users with those job can perform. Duty rolls  are inherited by job.

Abstract roles difine a workers role in the einterprise independently of the job the worker is hired to do.  These are predefined in OFH and are directly assigned to the users.gmail.cm

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oracle fusion hcm key flexfields

There are three types of flexfields that exist in Fusion Applications:

  • Key Flexfields (KFF) – used for standardized data that has a fixed structure. Each elemental value (known as a segment) is meaningful and are combined into a usable group.
  • Descriptive Flexfields (DFF) – represent the basic option for adding custom fields to a business object or transaction. Descriptive flexfields can have one or more segments and support the option to add specified contexts against which they offer users a set of input values.
  • Extensible Flexfields (EFF) – are similar to DFF’s however are stored in their own tables allowing unlimited numbers of segments, the support for groups of multiple records per parent record, and additional context configuration options. These were new for Fusion Applications.

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