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Oracle Cloud ERP – Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: 17 Asset Lifecycle Management

Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: 17 Asset Lifecycle Management (Doc ID 1578174.1)

17 Asset Lifecycle Management

Definition: The Asset Lifecycle Management process guides organizations in the initial planning and budgeting of an asset through the end-of-life disposal of the asset. Organizations can optimize asset utilization and exercise complete control over the financial management of their assets. Users can: budget for asset requirements; purchase, lease, or construct assets; prepare or deploy assets; capitalize, depreciate, or utilize assets; and dispose of assets at the end of their life cycle. This process supports complex accounting requirements from acquisitions through disposals and provides the ability to integrate across processes to enable automation in purchasing assets, management and capitalization of construction projects, and final accounting for each of these key events.

L1: 17 Asset Lifecycle Management

L2: 1702 Acquire Assets

L3: 170206 Record Asset Acquisition (Fusion 1.0)

L2: 1704 Utilize Assets

L3: 170401 Maintain Asset Attributes (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170402 Maintain Asset Financial and Reporting Attributes (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170404 Track Asset Assignment and Location (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170406 Capitalize Assets (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170407 Depreciate Assets (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170409 Revalue Assets (Fusion 1.0.9)

L3: 170410 Report and Reconcile Asset Activities (Fusion 1.0)

L2: 1707 Retire Assets

L3: 170703 Record Asset Retirement (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170704 Record Asset Reinstatement (Fusion 1.0)

Oracle Cloud ERP – Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: (Doc ID 1542019.1)

Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: (Doc ID 1542019.1)

Business Process Area

01 Enterprise Planning and Performance Management

02 Marketing

03 Sales

04 Order Fulfillment

07 Supply Chain Planning

09 Product Management

10 Production

11 Procurement

12 Materials Management and Logistics

14 Project Management

15 Financial Control and Reporting

16 Cash and Treasury Management

17 Asset Lifecycle Management

19 Enterprise Information Management

21 Workforce Deployment

22 Workforce Development

23 Compensation Management

Common tasks used during fusion hcm implementation

  1. Manage Enterprise HCM Information
  2. Manage Legal Entity HCM Information
  3. Manage Legal Addresses
  4. Manage Legal Entity
  5. Manage Location
  6. Manage Divisions
  7. Manage Departments
  8. Manage Business Unit
  9. Manage Actions
  10. Manage Job
  11. Manage Grades
  12. Manage Profile Options
  13. Manage Gallery Portrait
  14. Manage Person Types
  15. Manage Common Lookups
  16. Manage Review Periods

Oracle Fusion Applications Implementation and Configuration Considerations Webcasts

Oracle Fusion Applications Implementation and Configuration Considerations Webcasts (Doc ID 1589185.1)

The Fusion Implementation and Configuration Considerations Webcasts* are intended for implementers and highlight the Objects/Modules (Topics) in Fusion, a summary of functionality, decision points, and differences with EBS, PSFT, or Siebel. The focus of the Webcasts is to highlight the functionality, how the functionality is implemented and how the implementation decisions affect your transactional system. The main audience for these Webcasts are those who are implementing or upgrading Fusion Applications.

The Fusion Implementation and Configuration Considerations webcasts are available for Customer Relationship Management, Financials, Functional Architecture, Human Capital Management, Incentive Compensation, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Implementation and Configuration Considerations Webcasts
Product Family Title
Customer Relationship Management Assessment Component
Assignment Manager
Bulk Export
CRM Analytics
Common Components
Customer Center
Customer Data Quality
Customer Hub
Enterprise Contracts
File Import
Lead Management
Market Development Fund
Opportunity Management
Partner Relationship Management
Quota Management
Resource Management
Sales Catalog
Sales Competitor
Sales Dashboard
Sales Forecasting
Sales Reference
Territory Management
Trading Community Model
Financials Advanced Collections
EBS General Ledger Integration with the Fusion Accounting Hub
Enterprise Structures Part 1
Enterprise Structures Part 2
Financial Reporting and Analysis, Consolidation, and Budgeting
Fusion Accounting Hub – Accounting Transformation
Fusion Account Hub Overview
General Ledger
Hyperion Data Relationship Management Integration with the Fusion Accounting Hub
Functional Architecture Applications Help
Approval Management
Enterprise Scheduler Job Definitions
Enterprise Structures
Reports and Analytics
Human Capital Management Absences and Accruals
Areas of Responsibility
Employment Management
Enterprise and Workforce Structures
Fusion Payroll – Part 1
Fusion Payroll – Part 2
Goal Management
Manage Checklists
Network at Work
Payroll Interface
Performance Management
Person Gallery
Person Management
Profile Management
Salary and Individual Compensation
Talent Review
Total Compensation Statements
Workforce Compensation
Workforce Lifecycle Manager
Oracle Incentive Compensation Oracle Incentive Compensation
Procurement Common Procurement
Enterprise Contracts
Purchase Orders and Supplier Agreements
Self Service Procurement Catalog
Self Service Requisitions
Supplier Negotiation
Project Portfolio Management Enterprise Contracts
Project Billing
Project Contracts Tips and Tricks
Project Control
Project Control Tips and Tricks
Project Costing
Project Costing Tips and Tricks
Project Foundation
Project Foundation Tips and Tricks
Project Performance Reporting
Project Performance Reporting Tips and Tricks
Supply Chain Management Change Management
Cost Management
Data Quality for Products
Item Catalogs
Item Class
New Item Requests
Product Rules
Product Source Systems
Product Structures and Packs
Receipt Accounting