SQLConnect – Adhoc Query App for Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM

For Only $4.99 – Save hours of your development effort using SQLConnect! to connect to Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud!

If you are a developer, or a business analyst who is used to querying the Oracle ERP and HCM on adhoc or regular basis, you may find it extremely helpful if you can increase your productivity by over 20%!

In Oracle cloud, today, its not easy to query the database on adhoc basis, run queries and find results, export them to CSV or XLS using simple Desktop application.

You don’t have to wait any more! – OracleCloudTools is providing an application called SQLConnect for Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM which is a developers dream come true. Now from your desktop, you can connect to one or more Oracle cloud ERP/HCM environment (databases) and query all you want! (DEMO for more information.)

For cost starting as low as $4.99 (after special offer for KnowOracle users), you can get a lot of value for yourself and your clients. BUY NOW and start efficient development.


Here are some features of Oracle Cloud Tools SQLConnect software. Watch DEMO for more information.


  • Rapid access to database from your desktop – both Mac and Windows
  • Multiple connections, Query execution and saving just like Toad and SQL Developer
  • Webservice driven – which means you are always getting the real time data from cloud using the latest version of web API.
  • Ability to save, search, find-replace, and manage multiple queries/files
  • Secured by Oracle Cloud Role access •Export to CSV & MS Excel


  • Efficient: Faster development
  • Easy: User friendly ; Users don’t need to login to Oracle Cloud to run a query

SPECIAL OFFER FOR KNOWORACLE READERS – Use Coupon Code KnowOracle at checkout to get $20 off of your first month subscription.

Buy Now – And use coupon code KnowOracle on checkout to avail the special discount. Add SQLConnect – Individual to your cart, then apply coupon KnowOracle to get a reduced price of $4.99 Only.

This offer is only valid till 31st July, 2019.

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