Run SQL in Cloud SaaS Environment

Wanna run SQL in Cloud SaaS ERP ?

we have answer for that As we shared about our product – SQL Connect,

we are organizing the Webinar about the tool and its Demo. After Webinar you can do your handson for a Trial Period and then buy it for your daily work in Reports , SQL Troubleshooting or Ad-hoc Data Queries add your details here ,

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SQLConnect : Toad for Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM

If you work with Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM, and spend time writing SQL queries, data models and reports  – then I urge you to read this email. It will save you tremendous amount of time and effort in your Oracle cloud development.
We have seen other customers gain 20% more productivity by switching from BI to SQLConnect.
We have built SQLConnect specially for ERP/HCM Cloud users. It’s like a TOAD for cloud! This is the link to a demo on Youtube :

Oracle Cloud Tools – SQLConnect Demo Oracle Cloud Tools – SQLConnect Demo gives you a quick introduction of SQL Connect for Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud query.

Our features include:

  • Multiple cloud connection
  • Export to CSV and Excel
  • Save and work with multiple files
  • Secure and web service driven
  • Intellisense and DB browser

And, if you are interested in exploring more, let me know and we can setup a demo for you.  – contact here –

Thanks and Regards, Shivmohan Purohit CLT Consulting Services /

Oracle ERP, Cloud Solutions, RPA, HR & Project Management – CLTCS CLTCS expertise in Oracle ERP, Cloud, RPA, Database Administration, HR & Project Management solutions provide you with unmatched services in consulting, digital, technology and IT operations.

fusion hcm data loader steps

HCM Data loader prerequisite setup steps:
1) Configure HCM Data Loader
and set the Data loader scope : Full mode
2) Add Human Capital Management integration specialist Role and/or Human capital management application Administrator
3)Download the HCM dataloader documentation template from oracle support.
`BusinessObject Documentation  DOC ID :2020600.1
4) Identify the mandatory columns to load Business Object.
5)Prepare .dat file
6) Save .dat
7) Zip the file
8) Set the source system owner in manage common Lookup: HRC_SOURCE_SYSTEM_OWNER
9) Go to navigator work area under My workforce section Select Data Exchange –> HCM DATA LOADER –> Import and Load data –>Import file–> Submit Business Object

post queries

SQLConnect – Adhoc Query App for Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM

Save hours of your development effort using SQLConnect! to connect to Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud!

If you are a developer or a business analyst who is used to querying the Oracle ERP and HCM on ad-hoc or regular basis, you may find it extremely helpful if you can increase your productivity by over 20%!

In Oracle Cloud, today, it’s not easy to query the database on ad-hoc basis, run queries and find results, export them to CSV or XLS using simple Desktop application.

You don’t have to wait anymore! – OracleCloudTools is providing an application called SQLConnect for Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM which is a developer’s dream come true. Now from your desktop, you can connect to one or more Oracle cloud ERP/HCM environment (databases) and query all you want! (DEMO for more information.)

Here are some features of Oracle Cloud Tools SQLConnect software. Watch DEMO for more information.


  • Rapid access to database from your desktop – both Mac and Windows
  • Multiple connections, Query execution and saving just like Toad and SQL Developer
  • Webservice driven – which means you are always getting the real-time data from the cloud using the latest version of web API.
  • Ability to save, search, find-replace, and manage multiple queries/files
  • Secured by Oracle Cloud Role access •Export to CSV & MS Excel


  • Efficient: Faster development
  • Easy: User friendly ; Users don’t need to login to Oracle Cloud to run a query

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Shivmohan Now started Oracle Consulting business – CLT Consulting Services

Hello Friends, I am sure you are doing good.

It been a while i have not updated this blog. Lot of new things happening and like to update you.

Few months back, I started New Consulting Business in Oracle ERP & Technology field. Named – CLT Consulting Services website –

We are based out of Pune, India and serving Customers across North American and Europe. As a Startup as of now, we are team of 15+ Consultants with focus on Oracle ERP ( Financials, Procurement, HCM, SCM ) , Technology ( Development, Customization, reporting, Integration, Data Conversion ) in both EBS and Fusion/Cloud Applications.

Looking forward for your wishes and working collaborations Opportunities together.

My official email is –

and As always , i am available for any help or suggestions.

Regards – Shivmohan Purohit

What is Oracle Cloud and why should we use it for business?

Oracle cloud is a cloud computing service which is provisioned on demand over the internet. Oracle Cloud provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Data as a Service (DaaS).

These services which are provided are used to build, deploy, integrate, and extend applications in the cloud. Oracle cloud helps business to get started, expand and grow tremendously.

Companies using Oracle Cloud can innovative faster, lower cost, increase productivity and efficiency which includes the security aspect as well.

The main Advantages of using Oracle Cloud are:

  • 24 X 7 Availability

Oracle’s complete cloud application suite allows businesses of all sizes to connect their companywide operations anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The customers and the provider both can access it from any specific place and make the most out of it.

  • Lower costs

Oracle Cloud gets you more than subscription pricing, it also provides increased business flexibility, and hardware cost savings, greater efficiencies in the short and long term. You can migrate your ERP and other software as well without facing any downtime, system upgrades or software issues.

  • Support

Oracle’s enterprise application support all types of cloud scenarios, allowing customers to connect to other cloud services and integrate with existing systems.

  • Emerging Technologies for Business

Oracle is developing day by day. Capabilities in AI, machine learning, augmented reality, block chain, IoT, and human interface technologies, all of which are designed to let customers take advantage of the latest technology advances and develop their own innovative products and services.

  • Innovative Agility

Oracle cloud provides development capabilities, hardware, scalable infrastructure and software options that support your business to create and utilize the agile innovation you need to keep your company competitive for years to come.

If you want to boost your business and looking for the best Oracle consultant that can manage your workload migration to IaaS to ensure cost savings, time savings, and increased efficiency and agility—without having to re-architect your solutions—your search is over.

Take advantages of oracle cloud benefits immediately by visiting our website – Contact us today for more information – 7028476376

Join KnowOracle Team

It has been 10+ year , I started KnowOracle Blog. a long journey and lot of things changed from 11i to R12 to Cloud and more …..

Now thinking to bring up new energy and new flavor on KnowOracle. Like to make a team of technology and ERP enthusiasts , who can use KnowOracle platform to share their knowledge and skills.

Like you to join KnowOracle team if you are interested and having following 1. Willingness to share your knowledge using blog/ Video/ Articles/ Documents

2. Available to join or conduct online webinar – 1 Each Quarter ( I will help you )

3. Like to explore and research on new topics and solve Queries from different professionals in your area.

Please fill your information and i will get in touch with you.

Thanks – Shivmohan Purohit

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