Oracle Applications/ Financials

  1. Oracle Financials Open Interface Manual – Click here
  2. Oracle Manufacturing Open Interface Manual – Click here
  3. Oracle 11i – Beginner Technical Training — Click here
  4. Oracle 11i Multi Org User Guide – Click here
  5. Oracle Purchasing – IntroductionClick here
  6. Oracle Payables
    1. AP Trial Balance – Overview – Click


Oracle Database / Oracle Programming

  1. PL/SQL User Guide & Reference – Click



Coming Soon —-


9 responses to “Presentations

  1. I am a B.Com grad and CA inter. I am willing to make career in Oracle Financials R12. Please provide guideline from where should I start. Your help will be appreciated.

  2. Hi , I am new to apps and trying to learn on my own starting with this video. I would like to get the link to download Oracle apps, install it and practise. Could you please help me with that. Thanks

  3. Hi, this blog is realy great.. but do you have any documentation for R12 ?
    Because our company is using R12

  4. Hiiiii Shiv,

    This is very good blog.It helped me alot.

    Rahul R Jain
    JSoft SolutionS,Mumbai

  5. Shiv, You post very good articles which are really helpful
    Thanks very much

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  8. Dear All,
    I saw this site, it is very usful for me to learn lot of thing.
    Please anybody giude me to growth in oracle.
    Right now i am working for Technofunction.


  9. i was wondering about the training..i think doing a dummy project will be a god idea to start with…
    GRT work the way..
    Keep it up…

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