Ask Your Questions : Oracle Financials – EBS or Cloud

Ask Your Questions : Oracle Financials – EBS or Cloud

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Oracle Cloud – Roadmap to move to Cloud
Could I, Should I, Would I Move to the Cloud?
This educational session will cover what we believe are 4 of these “non-obvious” topics:
-There is an exorbitant amount of misinformation in the marketplace. While it’s important to develop and act on a cloud roadmap, it’s pivotal that you use accurate information when evaluating your options.
-So you’ve been impressed with the user interface and best practices in Oracle Cloud Applications, but what information is missing? What you need to know about Partitioning, Cloud Interfaces, Data Migration and Role Security.
-Old methodologies don’t line up with new technologies. Trying to implement Cloud with a standard “on-premise” methodology will be problematic. Learn why it’s important to use a true Cloud Methodology to ensure success.
-You’ve chosen the Cloud direction but where do you start?

Oracle Cloud ERP Coach – Learning & Sharing with Shivmohan Purohit –

Hello Friends,

With this blog , I am starting Cloud Learning Channel on Facebook as Cloud ERP Coach.  This blog contain more formal and structure articles but there are times where I feel , we should communicate easily and faster on day to day topics and have interaction. So I am starting “Cloud ERP Coach” on Facebook – Let’s join and continue with our Learning & Sharing Journey.

Thanks – Shivmohan Purohit

Oracle Cloud ERP – Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: 17 Asset Lifecycle Management

Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: 17 Asset Lifecycle Management (Doc ID 1578174.1)

17 Asset Lifecycle Management

Definition: The Asset Lifecycle Management process guides organizations in the initial planning and budgeting of an asset through the end-of-life disposal of the asset. Organizations can optimize asset utilization and exercise complete control over the financial management of their assets. Users can: budget for asset requirements; purchase, lease, or construct assets; prepare or deploy assets; capitalize, depreciate, or utilize assets; and dispose of assets at the end of their life cycle. This process supports complex accounting requirements from acquisitions through disposals and provides the ability to integrate across processes to enable automation in purchasing assets, management and capitalization of construction projects, and final accounting for each of these key events.

L1: 17 Asset Lifecycle Management

L2: 1702 Acquire Assets

L3: 170206 Record Asset Acquisition (Fusion 1.0)

L2: 1704 Utilize Assets

L3: 170401 Maintain Asset Attributes (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170402 Maintain Asset Financial and Reporting Attributes (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170404 Track Asset Assignment and Location (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170406 Capitalize Assets (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170407 Depreciate Assets (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170409 Revalue Assets (Fusion 1.0.9)

L3: 170410 Report and Reconcile Asset Activities (Fusion 1.0)

L2: 1707 Retire Assets

L3: 170703 Record Asset Retirement (Fusion 1.0)

L3: 170704 Record Asset Reinstatement (Fusion 1.0)

Oracle Cloud ERP – Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: (Doc ID 1542019.1)

Oracle Fusion Business Process Models: (Doc ID 1542019.1)

Business Process Area

01 Enterprise Planning and Performance Management

02 Marketing

03 Sales

04 Order Fulfillment

07 Supply Chain Planning

09 Product Management

10 Production

11 Procurement

12 Materials Management and Logistics

14 Project Management

15 Financial Control and Reporting

16 Cash and Treasury Management

17 Asset Lifecycle Management

19 Enterprise Information Management

21 Workforce Deployment

22 Workforce Development

23 Compensation Management