Very Common Oracle Apps DBA Questions

I collection few regular asked question for Oracle Apps DBA to hire Apps DBA for my team, now publishing for reader’s use. These question are even relevant for Oracle Technical experts / developer also.  I would like to request share your questions if you have any.

Q. What is difference between fresh database and vision database install types ?
Fresh Database –
Database is installed with Apps but with no data
Vision Database – Database installed with Apps with dummy data

Q. Whatis US directory in $AD_TOP or under various product TOP’s .
US directory is default language directory in Oracle Applications. If you have multiple language Installed in your Applications then you will see other language directories beside US, that directory will contain reports, fmx and other code in that respective directory like FR for France, AR for arabic, simplifies chinese or spanish.

Q. Whats main concurrent Manager types.
ICM – Internal Concurrent Manager which manage concurrent Managers
Standard Managers – Which Manage processing of requests.
CRM – Conflict Resolution Managers , resolve conflicts in case of incompatibility.

Q. Where is Concurrent Manager log file location ?
By default standard location is $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG , in some cases it can go to $FND_TOP/log as well.

. List some ad utilities and their functions?
adadmin, adctrl, adpatch, adlicmgr, admrgpch, adsplice and adworker

Q. List out the modules related to oracle Apps DBA ?

FND – Application Object Library, AU – Application Utilities, AD – Application DBA

Q. How many concurrent mangers can be used ? what is the limit ?
There is no such documented limit on number of concurrent managers, as long as you have enough operating system resource (memory).

Q. How would you check if the tablespace is in backup mode ?
– Check in v$backup
SQL> SELECT d.tablespace_name, b.status FROM dba_data_files d, v$backup b
WHERE d.file_id = b.FILE# and b.STATUS = ‘ACTIVE’ ;

Q. What is “Custom TOP” in apps ?
– Custom top is similar to other tops under APPL_TOP but containing custom (client) specific functionality. Apps DBA need to define custom TOP and register all custom code under CUSTOM TOP

Q. if you find that under $FND_TOP/secure directory, there are many .dbc files, how would you know which is the correct one ?
– System picks up dbc file based on profile option value “Applications Database ID

Q Where is applications start/stop scripts stored ?

Ans: $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME

How to confirm if Report Server is Up & Running ?

Ans: Report Server is started by executable rwmts60 on concurrent manager Node & this file is under $ORACLE_HOME/bin .execute command on your server like
ps -ef | grep rwmts60
You should get output like
applmgr ……. rwmts60 name=REP60_VISION
where VISION is your Instance name.
Else you can submit a request like “Active Users” with display set to PDF, check output & log file to see if report server can display PDF files

How you will start Discoverer in Oracle Apps 11i ?

Ans: In order to start dicoverer you can use script under $OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME
or under $ORACLE_HOME/discwb4/util (under Middle/Application Tier)

How to check number of forms users at any time ?

Ans: Forms Connections initiate f60webmx connections so you can use
ps -ef | grep f60webmx | wc –l

What is 0 & Y in FNDCPASS, FNDLOAD or WFLOAD ?

Ans: 0 & Y are flags for FND Executable like FNDCPASS & FNDLOAD where
0 is request id (request ID 0 is assigned to request ID’s which are not submitted via Submit Concurrent Request Form.
‘Y’ indicates the method of invocation. i.e. it is directly invoked from the command-line not from the Submit Request Form.

Q. What are .ldt & .lct files which you see in apps patch or with FNDLOAD ?

Ans: .ldt & .lct stands for Loader datafile & Loader configuration files, used frequently in migrating customization, profile options, configuration data, etc.. across Instances.

Q. What is dev60cgi & f60cgi ?

Ans: cgi stands for Common Gateway Interface and these are Script Alias in Oracle Apps used to access forms server . Usually Form Server access directly via http://hostname:port/dev60cgi/f60cgi

Q. How to compile an Oracle Reports file ?

Ans: Utility adrepgen is used to compile Reports. Synatx is given below

adrepgen userid=apps\ source = $PRODUCT_TOP\srw\filename.rdf dest=$PRODUCT_TOP\srw\filename.rdf stype=rdffile dtype=rdffile logfile=x.log overwrite=yes batch=yes dunit=character

Eclipsys India in Pune – New Openings – Testing and Apps DBA

Hello Friends, This is first time i posting for opening, usually this site is not for job posting or referral, here i posting these as these are for my team, here i am looking 2 Testing analyst for oracle application domain and 2 Apps DBA for Oracle Applications.

If you like to referr yourself or any of your friends, please forward CV/resume to

India Tester /QA Analyst ( 2 Positions)
Primary responsibilities –

  • This position is responsible for ensuring compliance and quality standards are met for multiple information system products and services. The incumbent may coordinate/ facilitate training sessions for internal/external customers and may assist in change & release management functions.
  • Define, document and communicate Software/Hardware Testing process and procedures for the enterprise.
  • Analyze, design and construct a variety of quality control tests that ensure software/hardware meets specified standards/designs and/or requirements.
  • Execute a variety of quality control tests encompassing both manual and automated tests.
  • Design and document test strategies and test plans for IT projects and efforts.
  • Conduct defect management process and root cause analysis.
  • Analyze, document and communicate test results to project teams.
  • Improve Software/Hardware testing process and procedures.
  • Create and manage test data efficiently
  • Coordinate User Acceptance Testing with business partners.

Skill Required –

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or related field
  • 2-5 years experience in software/hardware testing
  • Strong working knowledge and understanding of quality assurance and software development methodologies
  • Experience leading a project that includes creating estimates and managing QA deliverables.
  • Experience in all test phases (Functional manual and automation, system and performance)
  • Must possess strong hands-on knowledge with HP Test Tools (Quality Center, QTP, LoadRunner or any automation tool)
  • Working scripting and programming knowledge
  • Ideal candidate will be self-starter, very detailed-oriented and possess sharp problem solving and documentation skills
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Working SQL knowledge
  • DBMS familiarity
  • Working knowledge of infrastructure/operational environments (server, hardware, network, etc..)
  • Knowledge of the SDLC process – 2 years; exposure to multiple Project methodologies a Plus
  • Working Knowledge of Oracle ERP, Purchasing, Oracle 11.5.10-R12 a plus, Inventory, BI tools, FA, Projects
  • 5 years testing Oracle applications with legacy interfaces.


Oracle Database Administrator ( 2 Positions)

 Primary Responsibilities –

  • Plans, coordinates and administers matters related to Oracle database(s), including base definition, structures, documentation, upgrades, long-range requirements, operational guidelines and protection. Ensures accuracy and completeness of data in master files and various support tools, such as base dictionaries. Establishes and maintains security integrity controls. Formulates and monitors policies, procedures and standards relating to database management. May direct the following: troubleshooting, recovery, tuning of the database, software installation and upgrades, resolving Oracle errors and failures, auditing activities, and resource utilization. Will be internal, system-focused, working within our department, and occasional with outside groups (such as finance, sales, human resources). Will include company-wide, Web-enabled solutions. Must participate in fully documented change management process, work with system administrators to ensure backups, network connectivity, and other basic infrastructure needs are met. Additionally, will be asked to participate in periodic audit activities to ensure basic controls are maintained and functioning as it pertains to database security, compliance with change management etc. For any and all activities that are unique to Eclipsys, detailed training will be provided to ensure employee understands his/her role and responsibilities.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Uses professional concepts; applies company policies and procedures to resolve a variety of issues. Must be an 11i/12i ERP Application DBA and added plus performed Linus Adminfunctionsc familiarity with Oracle 11g a huge plus. PLSQL TOAD Oracle Developer
  • JOB COMPLEXITY: Works on problems of moderate scope where analysis of situations or data requires a review of a variety of factors. Exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action. Has internal and some external contacts.
  • SUPERVISION: Normally receives general instructions on routine work, detailed instructions on new projects or assignments.