Oracle HRMS – E-Mail Address or any particular field needs to be Changed For All Employees


You can use our public API to update Email address (hr_person_api ) use procedure (update_person)
Note: take care when you pass Object_version_number parameter
As per these people are existing employees so you have to get the latest Object_version_number by
running this Select statement.

Here’s the piece of code which demonstrates how to call the API:

l_employee_number per_people_f.employee_number%TYPE;
l_person_id per_people_f.person_id%TYPE := 373;
l_per_object_version_number per_people_f.object_version_number%TYPE;
v_effective_start_date date;
v_effective_end_date date;
v_full_name varchar2(100);
v_comment_id number;
v_name_combination_warning boolean;
v_assign_payroll_warning boolean;
v_orig_hire_warning boolean;
Select object_version_number ,employee_number
into l_per_object_version_number ,l_employee_number
from per_people_f
where person_id = l_person_id ;
p_validate => FALSE
,p_effective_date => to_date(’29-JAN-2006′,’DD-MON-YYYY’)
,p_datetrack_update_mode => ‘CORRECTION’
,p_person_id => l_person_id
,p_object_version_number => l_per_object_version_number
,p_employee_number => l_employee_number
,p_email_address => ‘’
,p_effective_start_date => v_effective_start_date
,p_effective_end_date => v_effective_end_date
,p_full_name => v_full_name
,p_comment_id => v_comment_id
,p_name_combination_warning => v_name_combination_warning
,p_assign_payroll_warning => v_assign_payroll_warning
,p_orig_hire_warning => v_orig_hire_warning

Alternatively, you can Use ADI by creating an integrator that use this API, that i will give more explanation in article for “Building ADI for HRMS”

Oracle HRMS- Employee Directory Video Demo

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