Overview of Concurrent Programs and Requests

Overview of Concurrent Programs and Requests

A concurrent program is an executable file that runs simultaneously with other concurrent programs and with online operations, fully utilizing your hardware capacity. Typically, a concurrent program is a long-running, data-intensive task, such as posting a journal or generating a report.

Request Groups and Request Sets

Reports and concurrent programs can be assembled into request groups and request sets.

o A request group is a collection of reports or concurrent programs. A System Administrator defines report groups in order to control user access to reports and concurrent programs. Only a System Administrator can create a request group.

o Request sets define run and print options, and possibly, parameter values, for a collection of reports or concurrent program. End users and System Administrators can define request sets. A System Administrator has request set privileges beyond those of an end user.

Standard Request Submission and Request Groups

Standard Request Submission is an Oracle Applications feature that allows you to select and run all your reports and other concurrent programs from a single, standard form. The standard submission form is called Submit Request, although it can be customized to display a different title.

o The reports and concurrent programs that may be selected from the Submit Requests form belong to a request security group, which is a request group assigned to a responsibility.

o The reports and concurrent programs that may be selected from a customized Submit Request form belong to a request group that uses a code.

As System Administrator you can limit the number of requests that may be active (status of Running) for an individual user. This ensures that a user cannot monopolize the request queue. For example, if a user with an Active Request Limit of 5 submits 20 requests, only 5 requests will be run at the same time. The remaining requests will be run when the number of active requests for the user drops below 5. Use the Profile Options window to set the Concurrent: Active Request Limit profile. To set a global limit for all users, set this option at the site level. You can then modify limits for individual users by setting this profile option at the User level.

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Create a menu function to launch a concurrent request , request group and a request set

Hello Friends, here again i trying to share very smart and easy way to do very secure feature to run either particular request/ program or a request set or a certain request group using a menu option and attaching “standard request submission” form.

How to create a menu function to launch a concurrent request , request group and a request set ?

Create a Function and assign Form name “Run Reports”
Request Group:



Request Set : Pass parameters REQUEST_SET_NAME = “< Name >”   SET_APPL_SHORT_NAME =”< Name>”      SUBMIT_ONCE  (default ’N’) Note :      SUBMIT_ONCE can be set to either Y or N ( N is the default).      SUBMIT_ONCE is used in conjunction with CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME or REQUEST_SET_NAME.      If SUBMIT_ONCE is set to Y, then the form will exit after the Submit button is clicked.


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