Setting your Oracle Applications session: fnd_global.apps_initialize (org_id)

Setting your Oracle Applications session: fnd_global.apps_initialize (org_id)

The examples set up the session for SYSADMIN user, System Administrator responsibility.

e.g. SQL*Plus   exec fnd_global.apps_initialize(0,20420,1);

e.g. for PL/SQL, TOAD, SQLDeveloper, SQL Navigator etc.:

begin fnd_global.apps_initialize(0,20420,1); end;

The parameters used here are:

1.        User_ID

2.        Responsibility_ID

3.        Responsibility_Application_ID

To get these you have a couple of choices

a) SQL – Replace SYSADMIN and System Administrator with your user and responsibility:

select 'begin fnd_global.apps_initialize(' ||

       fu.user_id || ',' ||

       fr.responsibility_id || ',' ||

       fr.application_id || '); end;' || chr(10) || '/'

     from   fnd_user fu

,      fnd_responsibility_tl fr

where  fu.user_name = 'SYSADMIN'

and    fr.responsibility_name = 'System Administrator';

b) In your Oracle Applications forms session. Login as your user and navigate to the required responsibility. Open a function that uses Oracle forms Go to Help > Diagnostics > Examine In the Block enter $PROFILES$ In the field enter the appropriate field name for the parameter:

1.        User_ID = USER_ID

2.        Responsibility_ID = RESP_ID

3.        Responsibility_Application_ID = RESP_APPL_ID

Export a concurrent program and executable using FNDLOAD

Hello Friends, a very useful easy to do……. How to export a concurrent program and executable using FNDLOAD?  








Please use the following FNDLOAD command to download a concurrent program to a flat file :
FNDLOAD apps/apps O Y DOWNLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct file_name.ldt PROGRAM APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME=”<your_application_short_name>” CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME=”<your_concurrent_name>”

To upload it to another environment, use the following command :
FNDLOAD apps/apps O Y UPLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct file_name.ldt

You may found additional explanation in the Oracle Applications System Administrator’s Guide – configuration Release 11i ( appendix C)

 thanks – Shivmohan