How To Create Value Sets Where One Segment Is Dependent On The Previous Segment Selection

How to create value sets so that one segment is dependent on the previous segment selection?

Example of $FLEX$ Syntax Here is an example of  using :$FLEX$.Value_Set_Name to set up value sets where one
segment depends on a prior segment that itself depends on a prior segment ("cascading dependencies"). Assume you have a three-segment flexfield where the first segment is car manufacturer, the second segment is car model, and the third segment is car color. You could limit your third segment’s values to only include car colors that are available for the car specified in the first two segments. Your three value sets might be defined as follows:

Segment Name Manufacturer
Value Set Name Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set
Validation Table CAR_MAKERS
SQL Where Clause (none)

Segment Name Model
Value Set Name Car_Model_Name_Value_Set
Validation Table CAR_MODELS
Value Column MODEL_NAME
Description Column MODEL_DESCRIPTION
Hidden ID Column MODEL_ID

Segment Name Color
Value Set Name Car_Color_Name_Value_Set
Validation Table CAR_COLORS
Value Column COLOR_NAME
Description Column COLOR_DESCRIPTION
Hidden ID Column COLOR_ID
:$FLEX$.Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set AND
MODEL_ID = :$FLEX$.Car_Model_Name_Value_Set

In this example, MANUFACTURER_ID is the hidden ID column and
MANUFACTURER_NAME is the value column of the Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set value set. The Model segment uses the hidden ID column of the previous value set, Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set, to compare against its WHERE clause. The end user never sees the hidden ID value for this example.

Oracle 11i Application Developer – Technical FAQ – Part 2

Hello Friends, here is the second set of Questions on Application Developers , more of general questions, i am not digging in particular areas , only trying to put question which i normally ask with candidates. If you want help in any specific areas , plz advise, i will try to do that.

Q11 ) What is SET-OF-BOOKS?
Collection of Chat of Accounts and Currency and Calendars is called SOB

Q12 ) What is the interface?
Interface Table is a table which is used as medium for transfer of data between two systems.

Q13 Tell me what is the procedure to develop an interface?
a. First we will get the Requirement document.
b. We will create control file based on that plot file.
c. Then the control files which loads the data into staging tables.
d. Through pl/sql programs we will mapping and validate the data and then dump into the interface tables.
e. Through the standard programs we will push the data from interface tables to Base tables.

Q14) What is multi org?
“Legal entity has more than one operating unit is called as multi org”
a) Business group — Human resources information is secured by Business group
b) Legal entity. — inter-company and fiscal/tax reporting.
c) Operating unit — secures AR, OE, AP, PA and PO Information.
d) Organizations — is a specialize unit of work at particular locations

Q15) What are the User PARAMETERS in the Reports?

FND SRWINIT sets your profile option values, multiple organizations and allows Oracle Application Object Library user exits to detect that they have been called by an Oracle Reports program.
FND SRWEXIT ensures that all the memory allocated for AOL user exits have been freed up properly.
FND FLEXIDVAL are used to display flex field information like prompt, value etc
FND FLEXSQL these user exits allow you to use flex fields in your reports
FND FORMAT_CURRENCY is used to print currency in various formats by using formula column

Q17) what are the two parameters that are mandatory for pl/sql type concurrent program?
Procedure/function (ERRBUF OUT
ERRBUF :- Used to write the error message to log or request file.
RETCODE :- Populate log request file with program submission details info.

Q18.) What is Value Set?
–The value set is a collection (or) container of values.
–When ever the value set associated with any report parameters. It provides list of values to the end user to accept one of the values as report parameter value.
n If the list of values needed to be dynamic and ever changing and define a table based values set.

Q19) What r the validation types in Value Set?
1) None ——– validation is minimal.
2) Independent ——input must exist on previously defined list of values
3) Dependent ——input is checked against a subset of values based on a
prior value.
3) Table —– input is checked against values in an application table
4) Special ——values set uses a flex field itself.
5) Pair —— two flex fields together specify a range of valid values.
6) Translatable independent —– input must exist on previously defined list
of values; translated values can be used.
7) Translatable dependent ——- input is checked against a subset of values
based on a prior values; translated value can be used.

Q20) Who information’s?
1) Created by
2) Creation date
3) Last _updated by
4) last_update_date

Thanks  — Shivmohan Purohit